Laminar Flow Ceiling Systems

Laminar Flow Inc. Series 3000 Module is designed to be installed in areas where a Classification of at least ISO CLASS 5 @ 0.3 microns must be achieved. The LFI Series 3000 is a self contained unit, available with many options including but not limited to; size, electrical configuration, and specific filter size use.

Product Options

Vertical Flow Powered Module
(meeting up to Iso Class 4)

Series 3000 Ceiling Grid Modules
(Designed for 100% Ceiling Coverage)

LFI Walkable Stainless Steel
ISO 5 Ceiling Systems


A completely self-contained system constructed of 16 & 14-gauge stainless steel, 304 or 316L, with a #4 finish. Each system incorporates “panelized construction” with internal welds only. A formed section is welded around the perimeter of all LFI Series 3000 for support of walls or curtain without penetrating the filter plenum. The entirely welded system ensures a completely self contained leak free system.

The filter knife-edge is formed and continuously welded into the main unit that penetrates a perimeter gel trough contained on the filter. Our unique one piece design assures accurate and reinforced knife edges that are continuously welded and formed into the panels of the modules. Instead of separate pieces that are welded like the competition to create the knife edge area, that could potentially cause leaks.

The blower section can be mounted to the top or the side of the HEPA plenum depending on height clearances. A variety of low wall return configurations are available to feed the system along with make-up air connections installed as required.

Perforated stainless steel HEPA screens are removable downstream of the filter and held in place by the same non-penetrating hardware that is utilized for the HEPA filter.

Flush Spinkler pipe penetrations are installed as continuously welded Sch 40 pipe as required, installation of the head and couplings are typically field installed. Test ports and sample ports are also integral to the grid, quantity and locations are determined during the approval drawing process.

All of our modules go through a complete quality check and a optional client witnessed FAT prior to shipment. All documentation of materials, testing equipment and procedures are supplied in a binder format. Complete installation drawings, diagrams and as-built, along with PID where applicable are supplied in duplicate. Once compiled, this information is sufficient to develop a IQ, OQ, and SOP.


Controls can be located within the blower plenum in a NEMA rated enclosure, or in a remote NEMA rated panel. Controls include and are not limited to; VFD, audible and visual low pressure alarms, contactors, overloads, E-stops, PLC controls, automated blower compensation for filter load. Connections for BAS monitoring, and coordination of in-house systems are available. All internal wiring is complete and terminates into a single connection box located where required. All components utilized are UL approved and wiried in accordance to UL standards for electrical enclosures.

PLC Touch Screen Controls offered
with all of our Series 3000 Modules.


Integral lighting is located between the filters in our newly designed recessed light assembly. This new design allows for the maintenance of the recessed fixture by removing the lens without the use of tools. The flexibility of this system allows for the use if T-8, T-5 or LED lights.

Tear drop light fixtures are also available as an option, also located between filter areas where applicable. These stainless steel fixtures are available with a T-8 or T-5 light tube. All LFI lighting options feature stainless steel flexible tubing that encompass the light wiring. This tubing is sealed to the light channel eliminating any possibility of leaks over time or while maintaining the fixture during regular PM’s.

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